Sunday, January 2, 2011

Effects of Discrimination on Gay Persons

Fundamentalist Christians say that ___ is the basis of denying Gay people their rights. It really doesn't matter what ___ is because you will always claim it as justification for your bigotry.

Yes, they sometimes even claim "disease" as the reason to deny Gay people access to civil marriage. Personally, I believe that disease is likely on the rise within the Gay community. The question that is not asked is, "Why?"

Look at the following experiment  in which brown-eyed children were declared inferior to blue-eyed children. After just one day agony, hatred and violence consumed students that only one day prior were friends:  

In twenty-four hours, some children were reduced to self-hate, tears and violence in the face of artificial superiority based on unquestioned authority, while others reveled in their privilege status.

Gay people don't face hatred from those claiming superiority for a day, or a week or even years. Some, like me have - for decades - faced hatred and discriminatory policies based on a presumptive Gospel of Christian love.

Fundamentalist Christians preach sermons telling Gay kids are sinners, reprobate, and worse! The psychological effect on these young people is so devastating that it is no wonder many turn to self-destructive behaviors, or even suicide. These so-called Christians lobby local, state and federal governments to deny Gay men and women access to civil, not religious, marriage - the very thing that would validate them and their relationship with the person they love and – yes – their families.

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