Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Straights Just Can't Get Over Gays

Hi, Lara Biden--

It’s odd when people refer to my existential reality – the one I’ve had since my earliest memories – as a “lifestyle” or a “choice.” Perhaps, if the tables were turned, and insisted that you merely have a straight “lifestyle” that is a “choice” and must be changed, you might feel what I do :-)

The discovery of my sexual self was similar to yours. Having a crush on, or thinking about kissing, much less marrying a female seemed just as strongly and instinctively mismatched with me - as your orientation as a heterosexual woman toward another woman seems would be. I don’t think heterosexuality is wrong, it’s just not right for me.

My sexuality has never transitioned from one thing in my youth to another thing in my adulthood.

What has transitioned has been my acceptance of my sexuality. I took an MA in Theology at St. Louis University with dual concentrations: Ethics as well as Biblical Languages and Literatures because I wanted to make sense of my ideological, theological and sexual worlds. Eventually I came to see that one world was not opposed to any other.

When people throw out “proof-texts” without historical and philological contexts, they’re merely pretexts to justify their anti-Gay bigotry.

I may never change anyone's “feelings” or “faith presumptions” about Gay people. However, I will insist on the right to be treated equally under the law…including civil marriage.

Take care...

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